Drink Creatively with Paint Nite #ReigniteYourNite

If you’re looking for something to do,

Paint Nite

is the perfect event to attend. Anyone can join, even if you don't think you can paint! It's the perfect hangout with friends or loved ones, and you get to drink! It’s really cool to see all the different paintings that people come up with at the end.

This past weekend, I got to paint with Paint Nite again! This event was located at Famous Dave’s BBQ in Irvine, and the best part was that they had Happy Hour pricing for drinks at that location. The title of our painting was Fallilicious - a pretty blue sky background with autumn leaves and trees framing the canvas. Roxanne, our teacher, was enthusiastic and was willing to help everyone out. This time I decided to mix some colors up to create a little twist to the painting, and it turned out amazing! Even Roxanne said she loved it! My boyfriend started to go a different route too and made a Pok

émon themed painting using the tree as a base. Here at Paint Nite, there are absolutely no rules, so you're free to paint whatever your heart desires. You get ample time to finish each step, and by the end of two hours you have completed your very own masterpiece!

Paint Nite is fun for both beginners and experts alike! Every Paint Nite is a new experience.. I’ve joined 4 times, and I still love going. It’s always a great time to drink creatively, and it inspires everyone to express themselves through art. Check out their website to see if they’re hosting a location near you. If you’ve already gone, share your paintings, I’d love to see them!