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Hi there, my name’s Archel. I’m a creative currently residing in sunny Orange County, CA. Creativity has always been a passion of mine and there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. It all started with an early yearbook class in high school, and grew tenfold when I attended college. Once I graduated, I instantly fell in love with the visual side of business.

I started working as a designer at a luxury resort in Los Angeles in 2014. This is where I picked up a camera more, and began shooting content for on-property restaurants. When I found out that food and travel was my favorite thing to shoot, I invested in my own personal camera. I used my free time to explore local eateries, and take photos of new discoveries. With the support of social media, I’ve been able to grow a successful platform [@archela] and make connections with restaurant owners, cooks, companies and influencers, not only here in my hometown, but internationally as well.

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In 2019, I started working full time as a graphic designer and social media content creator for a national chain restaurant. Restaurants and food have built this sense of community for me right when I started blogging, so with that in mind, this is the industry I want to focus on when I create. After years of design and photography experience, I decided to retire my old blog, Style Raiders, and start Honey Palette. my own creative studio where I can share my love for food through personal experiences + travel, and also showcase my work. Above all, I’m just out here trying to design a life I love, and I hope I can bring your ideas to life, just like how I did for mine.

graphic design // photography // content creation
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