10 Sweet Dessert Shops in OC


2222 Michelson Dr, Irvine, CA 92612

Located in TRADE Irvine, Duck Donuts brings fresh donuts with unique flavors to OC! The donuts are fried right when you order, and then their friendly staff will decorate your custom order. SInce they are literally made in front of you, they are warm and absolutely delicious.

2. Somi Somi

640 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618

Of all the fish in the sea, these two are the only ones for me. Located in Irvine Spectrum right by the movie theater, this dessert is begging to be photographed. You get to choose from different soft serve flavors and one filling in your fish cone. Customize your dessert with extra toppings!

3. The Loop

9729 Bolsa Ave, Westminster, CA 92683

Matcha glazed churro + fruity pebbles & cardi b's mint mojito are a perfect pair. If you can’t get your Disneyland churros, this place is even better. You can choose from their signature combinations or even create your own. I highly recommend getting your churro with soft serve!

4. Bear Cheese Tart

493 Park Ave Ste 32, Tustin, CA 92782

Located in the Union market at the District, Bear Cheese Tart is a unique dessert that is blowing up in the states! who knew a simple yogurt cheese tart can taste so good. One is definitely not enough so grab a few other flavors. Wash it down with some peach green tea and if you have more room, try out their black sesame shaved snow.

5. Isno Cafe

15333 Culver Dr Ste 360, Irvine, CA 92604

Why I love shaved snow, its made of organic ingredients and lactose-free milk, so you get this creamy flavor instead of just ice. Which one would you try? Cardinal Gold: Strawberry and Mango or What’s the Matcha.

6. The Moo Gelato

7170 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Sparkle like a unicorn and make waves like a mermaid. Puffle cones and yummy gelato, how magical. Come create your mystical creature with unique gelato flavors at The Moo. They have a bright and cute interior as well, which is perfect for Instagram flavors

7. Drill’d Ice Cream

18279 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

A variety of ingredients drilled into ice cream? the possibilities are endless. Come drill your favorite cereal and feel like a kid again! YOu do get a big portion of ice cream, so it’s definitely worth the price! For extra magic get a UNICONE + Candyland: vanilla ice cream and fruity pebbles, topped with strawberries, pop rocks, teddy grahams, sprinkles and strawberry drizzle. 

8. The Cauldron

1421 W MacArthur Blvd Ste F, Santa Ana, CA 92704

Who else would prefer an ice cream rose over actual roses? Guys take notes! This has to be the creamiest liquid nitrogen ice cream I’ve ever had. Love their unique flavors as well. Left: the cauldron, Vanilla cinnamon ice cream with Oreo cookies. right: Sun, Moon, and Stars: Creamy blend of oolong, jasmine, and green tea. 

9. Chunk N Chip

201 E 4th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701

A hidden gem nestled in 4th Street Market in Downtown Santa Ana. Their seasonal ice cream flavors and delicious cookie are something you need to try! Try out an ice cream sandwich where you can choose two different cookies, or order one and stick in your cone. Come in for Happy Sammich hour Monday -Friday 5-7pm for $1 off.

10. Nitrolado

10212 Westminster Ave Ste 115, Garden Grove, CA 92843

Liquid Nitrogen ice cream served in bowl on top of dry ice! A dessert with a show, don’t forget to top off your ice cream with a flavored churro bowl.

Japanese Food Festival

An afternoon filled with Japanese food and drink is a great way to spend a day in LA. Held in the grand ballroom at the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, the Japanese Food Festival should definitely be on your foodie bucket list. It cost $50 for admission and you get 3 hours of unlimited tastings. To make your food adventure more efficient, I suggest going with a friend! Some lines are longer than others because it takes time to prepare the dish. While my boyfriend waited in line, I went out a got some samples to bring back and enjoy while queuing up. Pro tip is to try to eat all the food first then make your rounds for drinks. This festival is a great way to learn about Japanese food and culture without having to go to Japan.




Throughout the afternoon, there are various demonstrations happening on the main stage. When we first walked in there was a drum performance, called taiko. After that, they showed how to properly fillet tuna, which would then be used for the sashimi station! The biggest spectacle was the preparation of the mega sushi roll. With multiple chefs working together, the end result was a giant roll that could feed a village! After that, they had traditional Japanese dances and tutorials on how to create cute characters out of rice and seaweed.



There were so many types of food to try! One of my favorites was the fresh cut sashimi, they used the fish from the filleting demonstration. We first stopped at the okonomiyaki station, a savory pancake grilled right in front of you. Then right after that, we tried some yakisoba noodles and takoyaki, a ball-shaped snack with diced octopus inside. We also got to try hand rolls prepared by the up and coming chefs from the Sushi Chef Institute. There were also vendors that were serving up some ramen and karaage, which is Japanese fried chicken. We ended the afternoon with some yummy dessert samples, red bean and matcha ice cream and aloe yogurt.  



While eating all that good food, we got to taste many different types of sake and beer! You can definitely get your money's worth by drinking samples. I didn’t know much about sake, so when I tasted the various kinds, like filters, unfiltered, or premium, I was sure to ask the brand reps to explain the differences to me. They also told us what kind of food pairs well with each sake! There were also two beer vendors,  Orion and Kirin, they kept the beer flowing. We sipped on our beverages while waiting in the food lines. If alcohol isn't your thing, they also had bottles of yakult, ramune, and a whole line of juices from Aloha Maid.