OC Night Market // Food Diaries

Check out our food and drink choices this year at OC Night Market!

Tanota Takoyaki – Japanese breaded bits of octopus in ball shaped form, you get 7 with each order, which is plenty to share. These are extremely hot inside so poke a hole to let it cool down.

Rolling Ice Creamery – Thai inspired Ice Cream, flattened and rolled on a frozen platter is a unique way to enjoy a classic dessert. We had the Hulk, which was matcha green tea infused wit strawberries and the Bangkok Special, which was Thai Iced Tea, infused with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. They were both so yummy, and it’s amazing to watch how they create it.

Frozen Kirin Ichiban Beer – We got a free sample of this half frozen slushie and half liquid beer, it was actually quite refreshing and a perfect pairing to all the Asian style foods we got to taste!

Bee Pop – They had an amazing green thai tea milk tea! They serve their drinks in bag form.

Dragon’s Queen Grill – We waiting almost 2 hours for these Bulgogi Fries, but it was worth. Run by a small family, it feels like a fusion home cooked meal! They’re portion size is huge too!

There were also tons of other things to see and do. Lots of local artists and businesses selling their goods. There's also a carnival game section where you can win prizes. In the back area, performers of many different talents provided amazing entertainment throughout the night!

Let me know what was your favorite thing to eat, drink, see or do at night market this year!