North City Hill Resort // Chiang Mai, Thailand

Nestled 20 minutes away from the bustling Chiang Mai center, there is a tranquil resort with world-class amenities waiting for you to enjoy. North Hill City Resort is one of Chiang Mai’s top luxury resorts. This brand new resort is located on a golf course and inspires you to connect with nature. Every guest that stays here is treated like a VIP. We were so excited to arrive at our sophisticated hideaway in Chaing Mai, Thailand.


Upon arrival, we entered through the gate and passed through the 18-hole golf course. We were dropped off and greeted right at the front door. It was time to check in to our room, but before that, they welcomed us with a refreshing drink and chocolate mousse, the presentation was amazing! Next, one of the front desk agents got us checked in, confirmed our spa reservation and cooking class details. I was surprised when they handed us our own personal tablet (to borrow during our stay) containing all the information you needed to know about the resort. Then we were led to our deluxe room, only a short walk from the lobby. We were blown away by the modern décor and amenities.

We had only a few minutes to settle in before our spa treatment at GayaRandra Spa, only a short golf cart ride away. We got to experience a couple’s steam, scrub and oil massage, a blissful 90-minute treatment. It was the perfect way to relax after traveling all day! First, we showered to rinse off any impurities, then we entered the steam room to warm-up before our treatment. Next, we were led to the couple's room where we began our body scrub. The heavenly scent of coffee filled the air, as we were buffed with coffee scrub from head to toe. We finished off with divine oil massages, which soothed our sore muscles and let us drift into full relaxation mode.

After our spa treatment, we walked up to the Astro Sky Bar. Sitting on top of the resort building, we sipped our White Russian and Mai Tai’s and munched on some pizza while enjoying a warm Chiang Mai night.

Day Two

We woke up bright and early since we had a morning full of elephant adventures. Our pickup was at 6:30 am and North Hill Resort started serving breakfast at 6 am. We didn’t want to rush our meal, so they let us call ahead and order. Since the menu was on the tablet, we were able to scroll through and order right away. Once we got to Zest, our breakfast was served promptly and we didn’t waste any time. Breakfast is complimentary with every reservation; you can choose either a western or Thai entree. They had the best pineapple juice I’ve ever tasted, and our breakfast was complete with pastries, yogurt, coffee, and fruit. Before we got picked up for the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, they gave us delicious iced coffees for the ride.

We returned to North Hill at around 2 pm, and we were exhausted! We spent the whole morning traveling, and then we got to feed, bathe and play with elephants. It was an amazing experience, but the ride back made me super dizzy. What better way to cure a headache, than some down time at the infinity pool. We suited up and relaxed on their massive daybeds, and then took a dip. The cool water felt so good, the temperature was rising as the sun came up.

After some pool time, we showered and took a quick nap. Then we used North Hill’s complimentary shuttle to get to Chiang Mai Old Town to meet up with our new friends we met at the elephant camp! More on this later, but it was a fun night. We got a shuttle ride back and our luxurious bed never felt better. 

Day Three

Before it was time to leave this magical place, we got to experience North Hill’s Farm-to-Table cooking class. For only 2,500 baht per couple, it’s such a great deal!

North Hill has a lush vegetable farm growing right next to the resort. Our first task was a quick garden tour, where we got to harvest fresh ingredients and smell herbs right from the source. At check-in, we selected 5 dishes that we wanted to cook. Dishes were picked in advance so that the chefs can prep some of the ingredients. When we got to the leaf shaped gazebo, a colorful array of vegetables, sauces, meats and so much more were beautifully laid out on the table. 

For the next hour, Chef Kong was our private teacher, and we learned how to prep, cut, simmer and cook our way to 5-course Thai lunch! Our first dish was called Gaeng Keaw Wan Moo, a green pork curry with coconut milk, served with steamed rice. Our second dish was the famous pad thai, stir fried noodles with prawn and tamarind sauce. This tasted so much better than street food! Our third dish was Khao Phad Moo, Thai fried rice with pork. Our fourth dish, was Pad Preow Wan Gai, chicken mixed with sweet and sour sauce and colorful vegetables. Our last creation was Khao Soi, also known as Chiang Mai curry Noodles, this was my absolute fave and I couldn’t wait to dig in.

An hour passed and I couldn’t believe we created this feast! Everything was plated perfectly and we enjoyed a private lunch in the garden after we took some food photos. We were completely stuffed, there was enough food for a family of four! After we were finished we received certificates of completion and took a photo with Chef Kong. We were now ready to leave North Hill with happy tummies and lots of amazing memories. 

Now it was time to check out, and we were so sad we were leaving this wonderful resort. At check out, we received a framed photo that we took just minutes ago. Such a sweet touch, and something we’ll never forget.

Thank you North Hill staff and Krittiya for having us, we had an incredible stay!

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Things to Do in Chiang Mai

  • Visit a Night Market: If you’re in Chaing Mai on a Sunday, visit the market in Old Town. The streets are filled with vendors selling food and souvenirs. This is the best place to work your bartering magic and score some great deals!

  • Get a Massage: There are massage parlors everywhere around the city! If you want to be adventurous, go to the Night Bazaar and work out a package deal for the Fish Spa and Foot Massage. It seems like a crazy idea at first, you put your feet into a tub of small fish that eat away dead skin cells. After a few minutes, you get used to the tickling vibration. Next, get a 30-minute foot massage to pamper yourself. After walking around the city and getting sunburnt, your feet definitely need some care. We spent about $10 for this hour of bliss.

  • Elephant Jungle Sanctuary: About an hour from the city is an elephant camp where you get to feed, bathe and play with elephants rescued from riding camps. This was definitely the highlight of my trip and I highly recommend it! I got to see a baby elephant, it was a dream come true.