We packed out bags and visited Greater Palm Springs during the beginning of Restaurant Week! We dined at five restaurants during our stay and shot still photography and video. I had the opportunity to takeover @dinegps Instagram account, post stories live, and upload one carousel post about our food adventures on that day. Client was provided all photography to be used for the marketing.


Cured for twenty months using sweet salt of Cervia, Prosciutto di Carpegna is an essential on any charcuterie board. I created a stop motion video for social media that featured the prosciutto. With flavors of citrus, honey, goat cheese, dates and hummus, this star-themed platter came to life. This showed how easy it was to create a board that’s perfect for parties, all you need is a few simple ingredients.


Located in Buena Park, Izakaya Mikuni showcases the authentic feel of a izakaya back in Japan. Meals are better when shared with others, and izakayas are the perfect place for that. It’s a place to drink, eat, and just have a good time. I ordered food for the whole table varying from udon, gyoza, sashimi, takoyaki and more. I created this spread using a lot of the small plates, so many flavors in one sitting.


Cypress Grove is known for their notable goat cheese, and they reached out to create a stop motion for their #CheeseBoardsforDinner campaign. Goat cheese is a good source of protein, so creating a board for dinner after a long work day is not a bad idea! With no cooking involved, I put together this cheese board in less that 20 minutes. Using Cypress Grove’s Humboldt Fog, Straight Up Goat Cheese, and Lamp Chopper, I built this platter that’s meant to be shared. Other ingredients used: Prosciutto, honey, almonds, fruits, petit toast, crackers topped with sprigs of rosemary.


Everytime we visit the Bay, we always schedule time with our friends at Edible Excursions. We have joined them on 5 different tours in San Francisco and Oakland. Capturing the group was my favorite part, next was eating our way through the bay. I made sure to capture moments like the group cheering, drool-worthy shots of the huge portion sizes you got on the tours, and the essence of the restaurants that graciously agree to be part of the experience.


Milk & Eggs is a grocery delivery service that brings farm fresh ingredients straight to your door. Meal prepping is huge in my house. With busy schedules, it’s important to save time and batch cook. I created this stop motion using produce that I ordered from their site. After prepping and the items, this showed how easy it is to create a one pan meal for the whole week in a colorful and bright way.


On our trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand, we stayed at North Hill City Resort and documented our experiences. One notable favorite activity was their cooking class. We had the opportunity to go into the garden and actually harvest the ingredients we were goin to use for our meal. We cooked with the Executive Chef and created classic Thai dishes in the most beautiful setting.


For the past few years, I have collaborating with OC and 626 Night Market, two food festivals that showcase over hundred vendors that serve Instagrammable food. I’ve been capturing social media content and still photography for many vendors and helped them increase awareness for their brand. These are a few of my favorite photos, and of course we ate it all.


I worked at Terranea as a Visual Content Designer and captured moments around the resort. From restaurants, associates, the breathtaking ocean, and everything in between, there was never a shortage of amazing experiences to document. During my time as an employee there, I was able to add hundreds of images to the digital photo library. These photos are used for marketing materials and social media.


Cooking brings people together; food a universal language. I was excited to put on my apron when we booked a collaboration with MIMO Sevilla. The newest MIMO cooking class is nestled in the luxurious Hotel Alfonso XIII, a classy and known landmark in Seville, and I had the opportunity to shoot the space. Capturing the final dishes and the prep that helped bring the meal together was so rewarding.